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Iki Omakase Sushi Experience

About Iki

粋 ''iki'' is a Japanese concept that provides the most exclusive dining experience.
It’s not just about the highest quality & rarest ingredients you can have,
but also about the specialty you feel.

We have professional Japanese traditional performances upon your request,
bringing Japan to your doorstep. Experience Japanese Traditions.

Sit back, relax & let us take care of everything for a truly unforgettable evening of impeccable food & service.

Chef: Koji Sagawa

Starting his career in Dubai in 2018 with over 40 years of experience as a Sushi Chef,
Chef Sagawa was awarded Dubai's Japanese
Michelin Star Chef in 2022 for spreading his intricate techniques, rigorous service, and exceptional service.
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粋 -Iki-
LOWE Private Dining , KOA Canvas, Dubai

[DINNER TIME] 18:00-20:00 / 21:00-23:00
[CLOSE TIME]   24:00

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Tel: +971 58 579 4272 
Email: contact@iki-sushi.ae